The Doro grip is a flexible tool with a wide field of application for sediments, vegetation, tree, plastics, algae and similar debris. The Doro grip is especially recommended when working in shallow water and close to shore.

The Doro grip is a combined tool with grip bucket and grip rake that fits on the same attachment. With an adapter, the Doro grip can be mounted in Truxor’s lift arm. The smaller grip rake and grip bucket can be mounted in the Doro digger with a special attachment.

The Doro grip can also be used with the telescopic extension. An increased working depth makes it possible to dredge and remove for example lilly roots.

Technical information and accessories

78-33700 Attachment

Weight 27 kg.

78-34500 Grip bucket

Weight 34 kg. Volume 145 l. Working width 1000 mm.

Grip rake
Weight 28 kg. Working width 1130 mm.

78-34700 Grip bucket

Weight 22 kg. Volume 65 l. Working width 450 mm.

78-34800 Grip rake

Weight 14 kg. Working width 490 mm.

78-34900 Adapter

Weight 8 kg

94-129500 Telescope

Weight 33 kg. Working depth 1700 mm.

78-35000 Adapter T30, T40

78-35600 Adapter T20